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They say beauty is only skin deep. We say there’s a little more to it.
Our timeless passion is formulated by the undeniable connection between what we feel internally and what we exude externally. When it comes to the body, the power of confidence knows no bounds, bringing a world of immeasurable benefits both mentally and physically. At Skintology, we thrive on boosting self-esteem by helping you reveal the beauty that already lies within.
Not only are our products and treatments thoughtfully planned and meticulously selected, we pride ourselves in creating a personal, professional and meaningful experience for our clients in a space which relaxes and reassures. Giving good advice on areas where we hold expert knowledge is one of the key pillars at Skintology, ensuring we educate properly and explain thoroughly, with the overall aim of allowing informed choices to be made.
Whilst beauty will always come from the inside, we don’t think it needs to stay there. Let is shine by revealing the very best you. 


hi, I am so pleased with the results of my first laser hair removal session, on my legs. I am also thinking about some other areas.

I love my new semi-permanent brows, they look amazing. You have great talent & style. 

Could you book me in for a Skin peel, like the last one. I can see the improvement in my skin. Feels amazing.

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